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Defend Our Right to Protest - Public meeting


A reportback from the public meeting 'Defend our Right to Protest: The Olympics and Beyond' that was held Tuesday 26th June, Harmony Hall, Walthamstow, about 85 people attended. The introduction by the chair was a brief history of the Save Leyton Marsh campaign and the legal and police repression experienced, as well as the repression suffered by students, trade unionists, activists and black and …

Open Letter 'Enough is Enough' on Leyton Marsh!

CONTINUED ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS AT LEYTON MARSH We are sending this email to you and to local and national press, community, health and animal welfare organisations near to Leyton Marsh, London E10. Please see below a copy of a two-page open letter, from the Save Leyton Marsh campaign, for your urgent information and action as appropriate. We have sent the top copy of the open letter to the fol…

ODA Meeting: Why So Scared To Have Your Statements

On Tuesday night there was a meeting of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), Lea Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) and local residents at a small nursery on Riverside Close, Hackney to discuss the 'reinstatement works' for the marsh.

Imprisoned 4 telling the truth about the Olympics

On Thursday 26th April Mike Wells, a citizen journalist who writes for the Games Monitor website, was filming unsafe working practices on Leyton Marsh at the chaotically managed Olympic construction site.

As a result of his attempt to film and draw attention to the unsafe practices of an excavator working close to pedestrians on Sandy Lane (the pathway running adjacent to Leyton Marsh), Mike was …

Save Leyton Marsh - update

The Ruling May Have Gone Against Us But We Won the Arguments In Court!

Granting of injunctions by the High Court

Response from Save Leyton Marsh to yesterdays injunction and todays eviction order.

Statement from Leabridge Ward Hackney councillors

Statement from Leabridge Ward Hackney councillors, 4 April 2012 in relation to the Save Leyton Marsh campaign.

Statement by the save Leyton Marsh Group

Statement by the Save Leyton Marsh group

Save Leyton Marsh - update


The Occupy movement have joined Hackney and Waltham Forest residents in their struggle against the Olympic land grab.

Since planning permission was granted in January by Waltham Forest council for a large indoor basket ball arena for Olympic and paralympic athletes to practice on, local residents and marsh users have been organising and campaigning to save Leyton Marsh.

Leyton Marsh is metropoli…

Save Leyton Marsh - update

Work has begun on Leyton Marsh. Basket ball courts for olympic and paraolympic players to practise on, are being built. Leyton Marsh is a well-used and well-loved bit of municipal open land.

Local residents have formed a group, Save Leyton Marsh, have been meeting weekly, are having weekly saturdays demos. the next demo will be this saturday from 11 at the marsh and will take the form of a commun…