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Acoustic Insurgency St Patricks Night benefit gig.

March 17, 2012 20:00

Tagged as: anti_fascism culture music repression social_struggles solidarity workers_struggles

The Grosvenor Sidney Road Stockwell SW9 0TP

Places: brixton stockwell


Come dance the night away to some of the best folk music London has to offer. The amazing Firepit Collective will be headlining (saw them at boomtown and was literally blown away!!!) while resident folk legends The No Frills Band will be setting your feet tapping and your hearts thumping and the Radical Ceilidh Collective will be making sure you look like a delighted loon on the dance floor!And finally Perkelt will be providing medieval celtic fusion inspired tunes from Bohemia. For those early birds live music will start with a session in the bar at 2pm....fiddle, guitar, bodhran , tin whistle and rebel tunes galore! 5/4 quid for the gig and open sessions free!!!