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IWW Cleaners' Demo at Thompson Reuters

March 16, 2012 17:00

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33 Aldgate High Street London EC3N 1DL, next to Aldgate tube station

Places: aldgate


IWW Cleaners Branch and London Regional Committee


Mass protest at Thompson Reuters


33 Aldgate High Street London EC3N 1DL, next to Aldgate tube station

Speakers include


STEVE HEDLEY RMT London Regional Organiser,

JOHN MALONEY - PCS DfT Group Secretary

Further protests at Thompson Reuters in Canary Wharf on Friday 30th March

Mass protest at Thompson Reuters



Cleaners employed by Rentokil Initial the contractor of Thompsons Reuters in Canary Wharf demand the London Living Wage and an end to bullying by management.

In November 2011, Thompsons Reuters rejected any increase to the wages of their cleaners. In contrast, in February 2012 after the journalists voted to strike Thomson Reuters agreed a minimum pay raise of 2.5% and an additional 5% for merit raises. However, when cleaners who ar epart of the union Industrial Workers of the World circulated a petition for the Living Wage their Rentokil Initial managers subjected them to intimidation and abuse. Cleaners were called to a meeting at Canary Wharf office and told if they approached Thompson Reuters to ask for the pay rise, then Thompson Reuters :

· Would change their cleaning contractor
· The cleaners wages would be cut
· Cleaners jobs would be cut

Cleaners were forced to sign a ‘form' that if they approach Thompson Reuters for a wage increase they will be committing ‘gross conduct', and they would ‘suspend them' and they will be ‘dismissed'.

Amidst a tirade of verbal abuse and threats cleaners were told by their ‘furious' managers they were all ‘stupid', that if ‘You wanna earn more money' then ‘Go find another job'.

As part of their ‘Corporate Responsibility' Thompson Reuters state that it is committed to: ‘Creating a company culture and workplace that promotes diversity and safeguards the health, safety and dignity of all employees.' The IWW says put your money where your mouth is:

· Remove the managers responsible for bullying from Thompson Reuters offices!
· Pay the London Living Wag of £8.30 per-hour.