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Radical Anthropology talks

March 20, 2012 18:30

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St Martin?s Community Centre

43 Carol St, London NW1 0HT 




Radical Anthropology Group

Evening Class Introduction to Anthropology:

An Intensive Study of Mythology

Spring Syllabus 2012

 Jan 10 ‘The Bird-Nester’ (introducing Claude Lévi-Strauss and his ‘Mythologiques’)  Chris Knight

Jan 17 ‘Bonobo girl power’ (female dominance and bonding in our ape cousins)  Zanna Clay

Jan 24 ‘Song-lines and rainbow snakes’ (myths from Aboriginal Australia)  Chris Knight

Jan 31 ‘Human heroes, power and the cosmos in Borneo’  Monica Janowski

Feb 7 The Tower of Babel’ (Noam Chomsky and the myth of ‘Universal Grammar’) Chris Knight

Feb 14 ‘The Utopian Promise of Government’ (Cargo cults in Papua/New Guinea) Chris Knight

Feb 21 An Amazonian Myth and its History Chris Knight

Feb 28 Politics in African Ethnomusicological Field Recordings Noel Lobley

Mar 6 Reproduction and spirit owners among the Miskitu Indians Mark Jamieson

Mar 13 The Wives of the Sun and Moon’ (Arapaho Indians) Chris Knight

Mar 20 ‘The hunter Monmaneki and his Wives’ (Tukano Indians) Chris Knight   

Mar 27 ‘The Woman with the Zebra’s Penis’  (myths of the Hadza and other African hunter-gatherers) Camilla Power