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Dale Farm locks on against eviction


Update Fri Sept 23rd: Dale Farm clearance delayed again, high court cannot conclude today so the injunction remains in place until at least monday. More legal challenges are racking up including requests for judicial review.

Mon Sept 19th: Hundreds of people are gathered to resist the eviction of part of the Dale Farm traveller site which is due to begin today.

Defences that have been built ov…

InfoUsurpa 19th - 25th September

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Medical treatment and legal aid is required for the irregular migrants (at least three of them are of Kurdish origin; therefore, may very well be prima facie refugees) who are being detained after the raid of the Greek police in Egoumenitsa, Greece on 22 August 2011. 

No Borders - from Calais to Bulgaria


No Borders activists protested non-violently against EU border restrictions and the poor treatment of migrants at a recent camp near the Bulgarian borders with Turkey and Greece.

Update on Land & Freedom Camp


This is an update on the Land & Freedom Camp: a 7 day open exhibition and demonstration taking place on Clapham Common from Sat 17th Sept til Sun 25th Sept.

InfoUsurpa 12th - 18th September 2011

InfoUsurpa brings you radical events happening in London's autonomous spaces and beyond.

Land & Freedom Camp planning

August 24, 2011 19:00


London Action Resource Centre 62 Fieldgate Street Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES

InfoUsurpa 22nd - 28th August 2011

InfoUsurpa brings you radical events happening in London's autonomous spaces and beyond

The Independent: Van Wilt Presents A Trilogy of Slick Plays

Last year when the BP drilling rig Deepwater Horizon exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, the resulting oil leak hit headlines around the world for a short while, but for local residents its effects are still being felt.

It's an issue that playwright Yasmine Van Wilt is exploring in We're Gonna Make You Whole, the first in a trilogy of plays and which opened earlier this week at the Acquire Arts Galle…

InfoUsurpa August 15th - 21st

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United Nations- directive for Dale Farm


United Nations have issued a powerful directive to UK government to postpone an eviction at Dale Farm until there is a alternative site provided.


A riot of as a sign of desperation


When the youth of a nation is disenfranchised from political expression, their last recourse and most basic form of expression is violence. When the politicial parties use spin and blatant lies to claim the vote of the impoverished and vulnerable persons of a nation, and then stab them in the back once in power, the poor have no other way to express their frustration and indignation than wreaking …

EDL Switch To Anti-Black Racism

The English Defence League have reverted to type, with torrents of sickening anti-black racism on their divisional Facebook walls, peppered with the N-word, and description of black people being "monkeys" and "apes".  Since their existance, the moderators have tried to brush all of their non-Muslim racism under the carpet, pretending that the EDL have only one enemy, Muslims, but since the rioting…

Barnardo’s! Quit the child detention business!

Activists from SOAS Detainee Support and London NoBorders today demonstrated outside Barnardo's HQ in Barkingside, Essex to demand that Barnado's cease its involvement in the detention machine.

Is the EDL's Alan Lake Behind Anti-Black Hate Blog

Is multi-millionairre murder-loving genocidal racist EDL supremo Alan Lake the white supremacist blogger "Tottenhamlad", which this weekend, delighted itself in the gunning-down of Mark Duggan at the hands of the Metropolitan Police, writing a sick diatribe celebrating the deaths of Black Britons, entitled "Mark Duggan: One down, many more to go"?  

Solidarity demo at Colnbrook


Anti-detention campaigners on Friday held a small, but noisy, protest at Colnbrook immigration prison, near Heathrow airport, where two migrant prisoners apparently killed themselves in less than a month. With a megaphone, whistles, a vuvuzela and pots and pans, they made themselves heard to the migrants locked up in Colnbrook, as well as in the adjacent Harmondsworth. Detainees shouted back …

a happy bassy dissident birthday - D*I turns 4!


Tonight your local DIY radio crew Dissident Island are set to broadcast their 87th episode - coming to you live and direct from 9pm onwards, the show will feature lots of audio surprises and a farewell set from Dissident Island DJ Deadly Buzz. This episode also marks four years of live, twice monthly, Friday night broadcasts from Dissident Island...celebrate! [click to read more] [show info]

Demo against new migrant prison in Sussex


On Saturday 30th July activists from Croydon, Brighton, London and elsewhere followed a call from Croydon NoBorders and gathered in Hayward Heath, Sussex, to protest against the opening of a new detention centre for migrants in nearby Pease Pottage.

Walking through the town, distributing leaflets the protesters drew people's attention to the direct impact of European immigration policy on families…

Death in London detention centre at weekend

Second death in a month at a London detention centre brings detention back into the spotlight.

InfoUsurpa 1st - 8th August 2011

InfoUsurpa brings you this weeks events happening in London's autonomous spaces and beyond.

Vedanta AGM protest

July 27, 2011 15:00

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, SW1P 3EE.

Resist ethnic cleansing at Dale Farm

Resist ethnic cleansing in the UK, fight the eviction of Dale Farm!

Demo against new family detention centre in Sussex

July 30, 2011 13:00

Croydon NoBorders is calling for a demo in Haywards Heath on Saturday 30th July to protest against a new detention centre for children and families which is due to open in late summer at nearby Pease Pottage.

Please join us on Saturday 30th July with banners, placards and instrument to call for an end to detention and deportation. Gather at Muster Green park in Haywards Heath at 1pm.

Have you ever squatted the heart of the beast?


In the past couple of days, a group of people in Vienna, fed up of the increasing daily repression of life and the lack of free social space, have taken over an abandoned building in the Ottakring part of the city. Ottrakring is ground zero of Real Estate speculation in Vienna. The people are also fed up of rising rents and abusive landlords in Vienna. We are also fed up with how the city gov…

Neil Jackson - Conflict: Parliament Square taken back (for an hour)

Parliament Square was temporarily occupied by activists during Thursdays union strike and march.

InfoUsurpa 11th - 17th July

weekly radical events and actions listings for london.

all events are free or on donation unless otherwise stated

Demo against new detention centre for families

Croydon NoBorders is calling for a demo in Haywards' Heath, Sussex, against the opening of a new detention centre for children and families in nearby Pease Pottage.

Dale Farm Solidarity Gathering

June 30, 2011 18:30

The Basildon Centre, St Martin's Square, Basildon, SS14 1DL

Blockade of detention centres to stop Iraq charter


Anti-deportation campaigners from No Borders, Stop Deportation and other groups blockaded Colnbrook and Harmondsworth detention centres in a last-minute attempt to stop the forcible deportation of Iraqi refugees to Baghdad on a specially chartered flight scheduled to leave London on Tuesday evening. Read report ...

Mutiny presents: Work on Trial!

July 18, 2011 00:00


Resistance Gallery

265 Poyser Street

E2 9RF