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Dissident Island Radio - 100 episodes old!


Friday 16 March 2012 marked the 100th episode of Dissident Island Radio - our centenary! And with that in mind we decided to make it a bit special. Alongside the usual mix of music, banter, and special guests on the mic we be heard an extended piece on the consolidation of neoliberal capitalism in Europe post 'crisis'. The discussion focuses primarily on the situation in Ireland, Spain, and Gre…

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 100

March 16, 2012 21:00



Anti-fascist memorial - London


On the 9th of February 2012 a janitor found the body of Nikita Kalin, a Russian anarchist and anti-fascist. Nikita was murdered by a group of Nazis, brutally stabbed 61 times, besides this his ribs were fractured multiple times and his head was also wounded. Currently only one suspect has been arrested, and was confirmed off the record by Nikita’s mother that this person was a National Social…

Is the EDL's Alan Lake Behind Anti-Black Hate Blog

Is multi-millionairre murder-loving genocidal racist EDL supremo Alan Lake the white supremacist blogger "Tottenhamlad", which this weekend, delighted itself in the gunning-down of Mark Duggan at the hands of the Metropolitan Police, writing a sick diatribe celebrating the deaths of Black Britons, entitled "Mark Duggan: One down, many more to go"?  

schNEWS: The Rise of the Nutters: This is Norway to Go..?

The Rise of the Nutters: This is Norway to Go..?

"The lunatic is all idee fixe, and whatever he comes across confirms his lunacy. You can tell him by the liberties he takes with common sense, by his flashes of inspiration, and by the fact that sooner or later he brings up the Templars."
- Umberto ECO, Foucault's Pendulum

The Norway attacks have led to frenzied specul…

Demotix: EDL demonstrate at site of proposed Islamic Centre

Around 100 EDL members demonstrated opposite the proposed site of an Islamic Centre which will be replacing Dereks butcher's at 798 Green Lane in Dagenham. A small UAF counter protest was held. London, UK, 12/03/2011.

Nick Griffin forced to retreat from Frontline Club


Nick Griffin was forced to retreat from the Frontline Club after he arrived to take part in a Q&A panel session on the documentary film 'The Battle for Barking'. The UAF forced him and his security unit to retreat. London, UK. 13/01/2011

: UAF officer in court over police assault claim

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) officer Martin Smith attended court today near Clapham Junction, as he has been charged with assaulting a police officer during a protest against Nick Griffin on Question Time. London, United Kingdom, 07/09/2010.

Debate – The Papal Visit

September 01, 2010 18:30

Start: September 1, 2010 6:30 pm End: September 1, 2010 10:00 pm Venue: Conway Hall

Belgrade 6 acquitted - an audio interview...


Listen to a follow-up interview with the Belgrade 6 on their acquittal and the continued repression of social movements and protest in Serbia and the Balkans...

: March for England in Brighton

Around 100 supporters of the March for England campaign took to the streets of Brighton to celebrate St. George's Day at noon, after gathering at the train station. Brighton, England, 25/04/2010.

: BNP rally in Croydon

The BNP rallied in Croydon outside Lunar House and answered questions from the media regarding the upcoming elections. Meanwhile the UAF and PCS demonstrated against them nearby. Croydon, United Kingdom, 15/04/2010.

: UAF protest BNP in Croydon

Over 50 UAF and PCS protesters demonstrated against the BNP rally at Lunar House in Croydon today. Some tried to get into the BNP area and cause trouble. At least one arrest was made.

: English Defence League rally in Bolton

Over 500 members of the EDL took to the streets of Bolton to rally in Victoria square. In similar style to the London demonstration, the Unite Against Fascism supporters were on one side of the square and the EDL on the other with a heavy police presence. Bolton, United Kingdom, 20/03/2010.

: UAF protest against the EDL in Bolton

Around 1,500 Unite Against Fascism supporters gathered in Victoria square to protest against the English Defence League who were also staging a rally in the square. Bolton, United Kingdom, 20/03/2010.

: Anti EDL Protest London

Over 100 protesters gathered outside the Houses of Parliament at noon demonstrating against the English Defence League who were marching to Parliament in support of Dutch MP Geert Wilders visiting London. London UK. 05/03/2010.

(Italy) Stefano Cucchi:beaten and killed in prison


Stefano Cucchi was arrested by the Carabinieri on 15 October.

He spent the night in the police station and the following day, with a fast-track trial, the judge ordered that he stay in prison while waiting for the next hearing.